Jamie King

As a first-year teacher, Jamie King jumped into the classroom feet first and worked each day to make kindergarten the exciting and fun place to be.

As she prepares to return to her classroom Aug. 6 to begin getting ready for the new school year that begins Aug. 15, King believes it is not only her job to teach academics but to also teach students how to be students.

Leah Miller, who served as principal at Fairview/Miss Jewell Elementary School during last school year, said community and cooperation are things King weaves into her daily lessons.

“Students in her class love to be a part of that classroom community. They help each other out and always wish to be helpful. These are traits that Ms. King values and works to establish in all her students,” Miller said. “Because her students feel comfortable in class, they are able to take chances and are not afraid to try new activities. When things don’t work out, Ms. King has a way of making sure they know it is okay and their effort was good enough.”

King works directly with parents to identify what, if any, concerns they have about their child’s education. If needed she helps them to develop a plan and checks in with them to see how it is going.

“Ms. King meets every challenge face first and has the type of personality where she wants to be part of the solution,” Miller said. “She wastes no time talking about what is not working but concentrates on what she thinks might make a difference in her students’ lives.”

King believes in teaching the whole child and works to identify strengths and weaknesses from day one.

Miller said King’s students love coming to school and know that they are the most important people in her life.

“Ms. King’s classroom is one where students are constantly taking part in and completing hands-on activities. Whether it is cooking green eggs and ham for Dr. Seuss’s birthday or creating 100th day (of school) activities, the students are participating 100 percent and working together,” Miller said.

“Every fun activity is paired with a literary work and the students read together with Mrs. King throughout the day. Her promotion of literacy is very apparent in the classroom.”

King was named the Fairview/Miss Jewell Elementary Rookie Teacher of the Year.


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