The Copperas Cove Armed Services YMCA basketball court renovation isn’t quite finished but it’s already scoring points with the locals.

The court is the last step in a series of facility renovations. Closed for nearly a month, the court is scheduled to reopen Jan. 27.

Copperas Cove High School seniors Halston Keller, Brent Marona and Tyler Williams were busy taking advantage of ASYMCA’s larger fitness area Monday and expressed their enthusiasm and approval of the renovations being made to the gymnasium. The boys have actively participated with the ASYMCA since they were in elementary and middle school.

“The whole renovation is amazing really,” Keller said. “And for the gym, so the kids don’t spend their time slipping and sliding while playing basketball, they’ll have a better foundation to run, jump and have grip.”

Williams, who utilizes the weights and basketball court regularly, expressed enthusiasm over the improvements.

“They really helped out. Before we were limited,” he said. “Now, with the floor, I’m really looking forward to that.”

The gymnasium is decked out with a patriotic color scheme, sporting new red hardy-plank walls and blue mats positioned under the basketball goals. White commercial insulation lined the exposed ceiling and top half of the gym walls, matching the white trim. The materials for the rubberized, poured basketball court flooring, which alone cost the ASYMCA $43,000, were set aside in a neat pile waiting for installation.

In total, the renovations spanned nearly 18 months at a cost of approximately $200,000.

“We started working on the facility about a year and a half ago now,” said Tony Mino, executive director for ASYMCA-Central Texas. “We added the air conditioning to the gym and then we added the roof and insulation. Then, we renovated the rooms inside and the fitness area. Now, the last phase is the flooring.”

Marona said he felt the renovations would positively affect the community and its younger demographic.

“For one, more people will come. If more kids come here, it’s keeping them safe and out of trouble,” he said. “The new renovation makes it more popular and gives kids more options.”

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