Little Miss Rabbit Fest

Little Miss Rabbit Fest Addison Young, 5, helps place flags on veterans’ graves at Killeen City Cemetery for Memorial Day.

The 18 winners of the

May 10 Rabbit Fest Pageant will be busy for the next year with appearances and community service projects to benefit Copperas Cove, local businesses, civic clubs and nonprofit organizations.

Pageant Director Wendy Sledd said the schedule for the newly crowned kings and queens will keep them hopping.

“We already have nearly 20 appearances scheduled, including everything from parades, other festival pageants and community service projects,” she said.

Winners from the daytime competition had their first appearance at the evening pageant later that night when six older queens were crowned. Newly crowned Senior Ms. Rabbit Fest Nancy Carothers and Junior Ms. Rabbit Fest Kaylie Pietras were crowned during the day and assisted in crowning the winners that night.

“One of the projects we will be working on is helping Habitat for Humanity build its first house in Copperas Cove,” Sledd said. “Our younger kings and queens can help pack the pantry with donated canned goods and nonperishable food items. Our older queens can help by hanging sheet rock, swinging a hammer, sweeping and more. Most all of our royalty will be able to help in some capacity.”

The volunteer hours for the pageant representatives will be tracked and logged for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award that will be given at the 2015 pageant when the reigning kings and queens crown their successors. The awards are based on the number of hours, with levels ranging from participation, bronze, silver and gold. The award includes a PVSA pin and a signed letter and certificate from the president of the United States.

Teen Miss Rabbit Fest Kelseigh Fife heads to college on a scholarship to Baylor University this fall but plans to fulfill her role as the festival’s teen role model.

“I do still plan to do as much as I can. I will be in Waco, which is only an hour and a half away,” Fife said, agreeing that her studies will come first. “I am already taking college courses now. So it shouldn’t be that difficult for me to make the transition to Baylor.”

Fife and the 14 other winners who are school-age and younger received educational savings bonds for their college expenses from Western Insurance Agency.

“It was an honor and a privilege for us to do that. It was a great way to give back to the community and support our children to further their educations,” agency Vice President Jeffrey Burks said. “Just seeing their faces light up when their names were called out was priceless.”

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