Copperas Cove High School cheerleaders held its last summer booster club car wash Saturday. All of Saturday’s proceeds will go toward 2018-2019 varsity and junior varsity squads.

“We are trying to make enough money to get a new uniform this year,” said Jodi Anderson, a booster club member. “They normally go to two competitions. We are possibly doing a third competition in San Antonio or Dallas area.”

The booster club is run and organized by volunteers. Most of their time is split between work, family, school and cheerleading. The 2018-2019 team consists of 26 cheerleaders. On average, 10 to 11 family members attend monthly meetings. Due to schedules, members prefer to organize one-day fundraisers.

“Personally, as a parent, I don’t like the ‘Here is a box of candy go sell it.’ It goes on forever and the girls are responsible for trying to sell it,” Anderson said.

Members usually brainstorm and organize school year fundraisers as needed.

Advance Auto Parts in Copperas Cove at 102 E. Business U.S. Highway 190 donates water and its parking lot to the club three times a summer. The store shares its parking lot with many community organizations throughout the summer.

“They are doing something good for our community, and we like to give back any way we can. The permitting process is through the city, but we don’t charge them anything,” said Trey Hooten, assistant general manager.

The booster club car wash averages $500 to $700 a day. Cove cheerleaders washed cars in two shifts from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Cheerleaders that could not participate donated water and snacks for the team.

“We like to do our car washes in June, July and August, because it’s summer. People want to get their cars washed, and it’s less likely to rain,” Anderson said.

At the end of the day, the booster club raised $585.

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