The 30-year wait is over for the employees in the support services and transportation department of the Copperas Cove Independent School District.

A new, large transportation facility sitting on 16 acres has opened up on Summers Road. The 109 employees of the transportation department will now work in the new building, which will allow for more repair bays to fix the school buses and a separate covered area to wash them.

The building broke ground in November 2017 and now is a reality.

Joe Burns, CCISD Superintendent, said the facility wil enhance the department’s ability to work efficiently.

“This means a great deal to us because we finally have a facility that has the space and has the structure to be able to do what our transportation does really well, and frees them up to focus on doing their job, which is transporting kids each and every day to and from school,” Burns said.

Richard Kirkpatrick, Deputy Superintendent of Operations, said expansion is possible along Summers Road for future development.

“One of the most important parts of our job is to make sure our kids get to and from school safely,” Kirkpatrick said. “Our buses are maintained to the highest standard, and this new facility will help us do that. We bought this property for a future school, and Summers Road is wide, and expansion is possible.”

Gary Elliot, director of Support Services, expressed excitement toward the new digs.

“This building opening has brought up morale like you would not believe,” Elliot said. “It is like getting your first brand new car when you were a youngster. This facility is great, and we outgrew the old facility many years ago. We are really excited because of all the technology that went into this building.”

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