Dylan Cash

It’s all about your attitude. People often say this in challenging situations. But 13-year-old Dylan Cash is living proof.

Dylan rolls toward you in his wheelchair with a toothy grin, looking wide-eyed through his wire-frame glasses. His infectious smile makes everyone around him smile too.

His teachers describe him as having a positive outlook on life.

“Despite having personal challenges, Dylan has a positive attitude every day. He is always polite to other students and staff here at school. He really is a pleasure to have in the classroom,” said teacher Amanda Merrell. “No matter what the assignment is, he does his best to complete it without complaining and because he is concerned about his grades and doing well, Dylan attends tutorials before and after school when needed. Other students enjoy working with him because they know that he will be a contributing member to the group and will be easy to get along with.”

A-B honor roll student

The A-B honor roll student said he spends two to three hours a day studying to maintain his grades and would like to become a pediatrician because he likes children. But he is content to be an only child.

“I have a bunch of little cousins. So, I am used to being around kids,” Dylan said. “I don’t want any brothers and sisters. As an only child), I get paid attention to a lot.”

He has two dogs, both Chihuahuas, which he said are fun to play with, but the responsibility of taking care of them both is enough and he would not want a younger brother or sister for that reason either.

Natural at math

Dylan enjoys math, emphatically saying he is naturally good at it. He competed as a media trainer for UIL football. Although his physical challenges do not allow him to participate like some of his peers, Dylan said he serves as the eyes and ears for both the coaches and the players during practices and games.

He said that while his disabilities make him different from the other students, the physical differences are irrelevant.

“They all just go with it. They don’t even care. We are all the same,” Dylan said.

He also enjoys playing basketball, video and computer games and reading magazines. Dylan competed in Special Olympics in basketball, shot put, javelin, and other track events. He placed first in all of the events with the exception of one race, he said.

“I enjoyed it, but I don’t know if I will do it again. There is a lot of waiting around for your turn,” Dylan said.

While some children dream of growing up and leaving the area, Dylan said he always will be a Covite.

“I will stay in Cove because my whole family is in this area. I don’t want to move very far. I want to be close to them,” Dylan said.

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