There comes a time in every bookworm’s life when they ask the question: Should I or should I not join a book club?

Now that my life is fast approaching its 27th chapter, that question has lingered lately. I want to join a book club, but where do I start? Are there other book clubs besides Oprah’s?

So I decided to check a few out. The first one was the AW Book Lovers group, a local one I found via the Internet. I joined; however, I quickly discovered two problems.

1. The book club was for Army wives, which I am not. I, myself, am a Navy veteran. My husband did serve in the Army, but that was 20 years ago, so I really consider myself an Army spouse.

2. I joined in the middle of the month so I was lost in some of the discussions.

So my next stop, of course, was the Cove library which hosts three book clubs. Each of the clubs are for different age groups.

The Adult Book Club is held every third Wednesday of the month. Last month, the book club discussed the novel “The Bronze Horseman” by Paullina Simmons.

While the adult book club is pretty normal, the teens’ book club has a unique twist. I recently had the pleasure of attending the club along with my 14-year-old cousin Tamara.

At monthly meeting, teens discuss not only one book but of an array of different books, comics and other literature.

“It gives the teens a chance to be open on reading ... it grabs their interest,” said Kevin Marsh, library director.

After the discussion, the group relaxes while playing Wii games on a huge projection screen, munches on pizza provided by Domino’s, and listens to music.

“Besides, the gaming Saturdays, I like to come to Teen Book Club,” said 10th-grader Amber Joyce, who attends Copperas Cove High School.

The library’s third club is actually two in one. Story Time and Toddler Time are geared toward younger kids ages 1 to 5. Story Time is designated for ages 1 to 3 every Tuesday. Toddler Time is every Thursday for ages 3 to 5. Both are in the library at 10 a.m.

So to experience this myself, I brought my 3-year-old godson Tyler, who lives in Cove. Toddler Time was filled with children, some parents and the librarian entertaining with games and reading books.

“My wife loves to take our son over here when she can. He loves it,” said Staff Sgt. Rudy Bryant, who attended with his wife, Jolene, and 2-year-old son Jacob.

Joining a book club was fun and definitely easy thanks to the Cove library.

The library is at 501 South Main St., Copperas Cove. Call at 254-547-3826.

Monique Brand is a Herald correspondent and bookworm.

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