After wrapping up the Lil ’Rette clinic with a Friday night pregame Halloween performance, the Copperettes are kicking off another fundraiser to help pay for an out-of-state trip.

“The fundraisers that we are doing are because we are attempting to take the Copperettes on a performance trip as well as an educational trip,” said Jessica Harris, the high school dance team’s instructor. “So they’re going to be using that money to go toward travel.”

On Saturday, the Copperettes’ booster club will hold an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast at Applebee’s in Copperas Cove.

Harris said she hopes the breakfast goes as well as the Lil ’Rette clinic, which held a dance workshop Oct. 20 and gave children a chance to perform during the pregame of the Oct. 26 Bulldawg game.

The organization raised more than $1,500 and taught dance moves to more than 60 children.

The clinic isn’t all about the fundraising though, said Harris. It is about exposing children to the art of dance.

“We did activities for the (clinic attendees), and they learned the dance they were to perform,” said Paige French, a 17-year-old Copperette and high school junior. “Then we provided them with some dance techniques.”

French said teaching the younger children also taught her something about dance.

“It doesn’t hurt to go back and learn like they do,” said French. “So teaching it was really helping me also.”

The fun of the pregame show was amplified this year, because it landed on the week before Halloween, said Harris.

“It was really fun,” said French. “For the little kids, it was something bigger than they were used to, and they got to wear their Halloween costumes when they were dancing, so that just made it more festive for the theme that we had.”

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