The days are getting noticeably shorter as fall prepares to make its arrival.

Antique shops in Copperas Cove offer unique decorating ideas for the colorful and cooler season.

“Switching out the scent in a room is the first thing to do to get you into the mood (of decorating) and it instantly feels like fall,” said Janet Haywood, owner of Rich’s Antiques in Copperas Cove, who offered decorating ideas to save money and space. “Put some cinnamon sticks on the stove or some apple cider in the slow cooker, and you’re ready to go.”

When decorating for fall, non-collectors of antiques should purchase versatile and usable pieces, such as a dining room table with a drop leaf, to be used in an entry way, as a bedside table, or a dining room table, Haywood said. She also recommends the purchase of Treenware, which are wooden bowls that are replicas of the carved out wooden bowls common in Europe. Costing around $39, the replica bowls are much less than the authentic bowls which run $189.

“The Treenware can be used for multiple seasons with versatile filler pieces,” Haywood said. “Just change the filler in the bowl from season to season. We do not get a lot of color here (in Texas) like you do in Pennsylvania or Connecticut. So, just add color and smell with versatile pieces.”

Cinnamon sticks, twine, nuts and even smooth stones can be added to the bowls.

Haywood recommends using primitive black metals such as wreath stands for fall, which are versatile from season to season.

“All you have to do is switch out the wreath for the season you are decorating for,” she said. “You can also use an antique tree. Just switch out the summer pieces for fall pieces and then fall for Christmas and so on.”

Popular colors

For fall, popular colors are orange, maroon and cornflower blue.

“Adding the blue really makes your decorations pop and pulls everything together,” Haywood said.

Using braided jute baskets and simply switching out the blankets for fall — and from season to season — is also a recommendation from Haywood. In the store, you will find rustic benches lined with pillows covered with replica pumpkin seed bags. Rustic metal milk crates are filled with braided jute rugs in blacks, tans and browns.

Rich’s Antiques gets most of its furniture pieces from West Virginia and Pennsylvania, where it finds Amish pieces. It also has empire buffets, dry leaf oaks, and many pieces of antique furniture with a European flair.

“This area is really a melting pot because of Fort Hood,” Haywood said. “So we try to cater to our market of customers here.”

Customer Jo Gallagher recently purchased a hoop-back chair that was yellow, another great color for fall.

“I was on a scouting mission for a chair and I was looking for something unique and not part of a set,” she said. “I wanted something for my grandkids to use at the computer. I knew I could come here and find it. My daughter and I come here a lot because it’s such a neat place.”

Vintage is another option when decorating for fall.

Barbara Horvath, owner of Country Treasurers and Antiques in Copperas Cove, asked her customers if they preferred country-style or older antiques.

“Many say they want what their grandparents had, so I look at that time frame for older pieces from the 1920s and ’30s,” Horvath said. “For most women, once August is over, they think ‘harvest’ and are ready for cooler temperatures. So bring out the orange (color) and change the whole décor.”

Horvath has 13 years experience in the antique business and has owned the Copperas Cove store for five years. She purchases most of her inventory from Louisiana auctions and shops.

“All it takes really is one or two pieces,” she said. “Use an old quilt as décor by throwing it over a chair. Use an old vase to add fall flowers or foliage. Use old blankets or an old metal watering can and add fall garland.”

One or two vintage pieces will change the whole look of even a modern home. Think you can’t afford antiques?

“The value of an antique really depends on the condition,” Horvath said. “Whether it is poor or pristine is what really matters regardless of the antique. You will find similar antiques (to what is in Cove) in Austin and Fredericksburg and even Salado but at a much higher cost — sometimes double the cost. Because Cove is not a destination point like those communities, we sell our antiques at a much lower price.”

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