COPPERAS COVE — Anyone traveling by City Park on Saturday afternoon may have noticed a crowd of people clad in bright-colored shirts.

And that’s what Copperas Cove Boys & Girls Club Director Bobby Krei was hoping for at the organization’s 13th annual Day for Kids Festival.

“Even people who don’t know who we are will see the colors from across the park and come over to see what’s going on,” he said.

The event is the Boys & Girls Club’s approach to encourage parents to spend more time with their families as well as to promote the organization, Krei said.

“It gives us the opportunity to get together, meet some new people and maybe generate new memberships,” he said.

Parents and children were invited to the free event, which included face-painting, food, entertainment and a cotton candy machine.

“It’s supposed to bring parents and kids together for quality time,” said Boys & Girls Club Board Member Sandy Vegh.

“They play games, they have fun, and that’s what it’s all about.”

It is important to get people away from all of the distractions at home and focus more on family-centered interests, said Arin Newberry, program director for the Boys & Girls Club.

“We like to promote a day for families to come out and walk away from the television, computers and game systems at home and spend time with the family, in the sunshine, for free.”

Jennifer Thomas recently moved to Cove with her family and said the event is a positive way to learn more about the community.

“This is a good thing for everyone because there are not many things going on these days, because of the economy, so it’s great for the children,” she said.

Kenzie Love, 6, could hardly contain her excitement when she discovered there was a face painter.

“I’m going to get a butterfly,” she said.

Natalie Taylor said she was happy to be out on a Saturday afternoon with twins, Lexi and Carlton, 7.

“It’s a nice day today, and I think this will bring the community closer together so we can enjoy everything for the kids.”

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