COPPERAS COVE — City Manager Andrea Gardner presented a proposed budget of about $53 million for the 2013-2014 fiscal year to the City Council on Tuesday night. Final action is scheduled to take place Sept. 3.

The proposed budget showed an increase of about $1.8 million in expenditures from the current fiscal year and had projected city revenues for all funds at about $51.9 million for most of the city’s major funds.

“This does show a (property) tax (rate) increase,” Gardner said. “If there is an adjustment made (to the revenues), then there will need to be an adjustment in the expenditures as well.”

At previous meetings, the council discussed raising the property tax rate by 2.93 cents, making it 78.93 cents per $100 of appraised property value. However, the rate has not officially been proposed.

The major city funds presented included the general fund, the water and sewer fund, solid waste fund and golf course fund. The general fund consisted of expenditures proposed at $15.2 million and expenses at $16.4 million. The water and sewer fund projected revenues of $11.6 million and expenses of $11 million. The solid waste fund showed about $3.3 million in revenue with close to the same for expenditures. The golf course fund project revenues at about $412,000 and $533,000 in expenses.

In Gardner’s presentation, there also was $21.4 million in revenue for other funds and $21.8 million in expenditures for those funds, which included about $20.1 million for debt services revenues and expenditures.

The presentation explained why expenditures were increasing, which included several new city positions — three of which the council eliminated from the budget Tuesday night.

“Your comments were pretty strong that you didn’t want to hire the assistant city manager position and the two (part-time) phone receptionists,” Councilman Jim Schmitz said to Gardner.

Schmitz and the other council members directed Gardner to include a salary increase for someone who could assume some greater responsibilities in the city and delete the three positions.

Other than the proposed property tax increase, most of which will go to provide increases to the debt service fund, the budget also called for increases on several city fees to include a 25-cent increase for residential garbage collection and an 8-cent increase for residential water rates per 1,000 gallons used.

Gardner said there was plenty of time for the council to continue discussing the budget as well as residents. “There will be a copy in the library and online,” she said, noting residents who want to view it have access to the document.

Budget schedule

July 23 — Set date for public hearing on proposed budget, discuss major operating funds and departmental presentations

July 30 — Discuss other funds and departmental presentations, discuss tax rate

Aug. 1— Public hearing on proposed budget (regular), discuss outside entities at workshop meeting, discussed fee schedule changes at workshop meeting.

Aug. 6 — Economic development Corp. budget presentation

Aug. 13 — Review changes to the proposed budget

Aug. 20 — The first public hearing on tax increase

Aug. 27 — Second public hearing on tax increase, public hearing on changes to the proposed budget

Sept. 3 — Adopt budget, adopt tax rate, adopt fee schedule

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