Families from several surrounding counties made their way July 5 to the Copperas Cove Public Library to learn about exotic animals during an Austin Reptile Show.

“Our goal is to inspire the children and spark something in them, as a result, they may study Zoology,” said Kevin Marsh, library director. “Some of the children might find it interesting and some may not, but we just put interesting things in front of them and hopefully it will spark their imagination.”

Over 300 free tickets were handed out to parents and their children to attend the Austin Reptile Show.

Shows were conducted at 2 p.m., 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. All shows were sold out.

“This year was another success and we will more than likely add it to next year’s calendar,” said Martha Dye, children development coordinator.

The show at the library run by Michael and Christina Foux included snakes, turtles and lizards,,

They share a passion for the love of animals, which brought them closer together.

Thus, the Austin Reptile Show was born.

“Today, we brought 14 animals to show to the children and their parents,” Christina Foux said. “It is my hope that they learn something that they didn’t know before and that they can explore a world beyond theirs — safely, of course.”

The snakes displayed included a western hognose and a ball python snake. Also on display for children and their families to see were a red foot tortoise and box turtles.

The lizards on display were the common leopard gecko and the redtail bearded dragon lizard.

“The African sulcata tortoise can live up to be 75 to 100 years old and can weigh up to 100 pounds,” Christina Foux said.

“Today’s event was enlightening, and it was perfect for my children because it got them to open their eyes and it allowed them to explore nature,” Myiisha Fite said. “I am looking forward to the next reptile show that Copperas library will have in the future.”

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