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Members of the Copperas Cove Masonic Order pose Sunday, Aug. 12, 2018, with Heidi Nelson, the assistant principal of Martin Walker Elementary School, after the Masons presented a check for $500 to the school for supplies.

The three-day, fourth annual Stuff the Bus event ended Aug. 12 with the Copperas Cove Masonic Order presenting a check for school supplies to one of the schools in the Copperas Cove Independent School District.

“I am happy to be here to collect the check on behalf of Martin Walker Elementary School,” said Heidi Nelson, assistant principal. “This money will go to give school supplies for children who are in need.”

The Copperas Cove Masonic Order presented a check for $500 to the Martin Walker Elementary School for supplies.

“We like to invest in the future, to make sure that the kids have what they need so that they can be successful in their lives,” said Tyrone Powell, high priest with the Masonic Order.

This year, the goal for the school drive was $30,000 in school supplies, and CCISD collected a record $33,000 in school supplies. Schools within the district will benefit from the proceeds.

“This is a worthy cause. School supplies have gotten expensive over the years,” Nelson said. “When you factor in shoes, book bags, clothing and other needs for the child for back-to-school, that bill gets long. So this will definitely assist parents and help the child to succeed.”

Volunteers from the Miss Five Hills Scholarship Pageant went shopping down the ailes of the Walmart in Copperas Cove, and volunteers pointed out that notebooks, paper, pencils, earbuds and hand sanitizers are the most asked for items.

Martin Walker Elementary School is among several other schools in the Copperas Cove ISD that will be receiving donations from this back to school drive to assist children who are in need of school supplies.

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