Andrienne Burson, Nov. 1 student spotlight

Adrienne Burson, 18, is a Copperas Cove High School senior likes the chaos of being busy. She works 30 hours a week, is the high school mascot and former co-ed wrestler.

Chaos and a busy lifestyle keep one Copperas Cove High School senior happy and successful.

Adrienne Burson, 18, holds a part time job working approximately 30 hours a week, serves as the school’s cheer mascot at athletic events, and maintains a 3.3 grade point average.

“I like chaos and being in the action,” Burson said. “I always want things going on around me.”

The co-ed wrestler competed in the state championship last year before tearing her ACL and needing knee surgery.

Her days of wrestling were over. Instead, she tried out to become the school’s cheer mascot and was selected to wear the costume and helmet that looks like a bulldog head, at all athletic events. Burson spends about 10 hours a week rehearsing with the cheer squad.

She would like to attend Texas Tech University and become an air traffic controller and has already applied to the school.

She plans to attend a state technical college if not accepted.

Burson has worked at a local sandwich shop for more than two years, running the front counter.

“I like it. The customers keep me there and keep me going,” Burson said. “I enjoy interacting with them. I also like the people I work with.”

Burson’s favorite school subject is home economics, specifically her Life, Nutrition, and Wellness class. She also describes herself as creative and enjoys art sculpting.

She has made a Japanese lantern, wire structures and houses of papier mache.

Burson attends Eastside Baptist Church and said there is never any doubt when she is in the room.

“You can pick me out of the crowd by my personality and my tone of voice,” she said.

“I am loud and I don’t really know it. Everyone knows I am there.”

Burson’s classmates describe her as having a ‘great smile.’

“She is very energetic, bright and has a loud personality. She is very kind-hearted,” said Amy Loughran, CCHS Culinary Arts and Lifetime instructor.

“If you’re having a bad day, she’s the one who will come up and see if you’re okay. She is dedicated 100 percent to everything that she does.”

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