There aren’t enough hours in the day for freshman Rebecca Morris, 14, of Copperas Cove, as she splits her time among cheerleading, playing volleyball, running track, maintaining honor grades and helping in her church.

“I try to use my time wisely and split my time between my activities,” Morris said. “I really value my Wednesdays because we have no sporting activities on that day.”

Morris attends Memorial Christian Academy and was named an All-American Cheerleader at the Universal Cheerleaders Association camp the last two years.

She attends half of cheerleading practice and then leaves to attend volleyball practice because the two sports practice simultaneously. After volleyball, she returns to cheerleading, hoping to catch up on what she missed.

“The biggest challenge is that I am the head captain, and sometimes I am not able to be there,” Morris said.

“Others have to fill in and when I return, I don’t know what to do.”

Head cheerleader

Morris started on the spirit squad and worked her way up to head cheerleader. She has been cheering for eight years.

“Rebecca is my right hand and my left hand. She is a true leader,” said cheer coach, Gina Cardenas.

“She takes over in my absence. She has a good spirit and is compassionate with her teammates. She disciplines herself and her teammates both on and off the field.”

Morris maintains a 4.0 grade point average and has played volleyball and run mid-distance track for three years.

She attends the First Church of the Nazarene where she works in the nursery, helps with vacation bible school and attended a mission trip to Mexico where she cleaned up a park.

Morris would like to be an events planner and helped plan homecoming festivities, fundraisers and pep rallies. Her goal is to attend Southern Nazarene University in Bethany, Okla.

Inspires others

Whenever Morris finds an extra few minutes, she likes to spend it with her friends and hopes the way she conducts herself inspires others.

“I always try to be transparent. People should know that I am a Christian by the way I behave, especially as the cheer captain,” Morris said.

“I always treat my teammates with respect. If I am a role model, I hope they will follow me.”

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