Jennifer Kloesel is the student spotlight for Oct. 25

Jennifer Kloesel regularly exercises her right to free speech, has coached T-ball team and volunteers with the Cove House homeless shelter.

On any given day, this Copperas Cove teen can be found fighting a fire or walking a picket line exercising her right to free speech. Jennifer Kloesel isn’t afraid to discuss controversial topics such as religion, abortion and working in a field dominated by men. There’s never any doubt where she stands on the issues.

Kloesel plans to attend Victoria College and major in fire science. She would like to become a professional firefighter and isn’t afraid of dying.

“I will be taken care of. I don’t really worry much about material things,” Kloesel said. “As a firefighter, I want to help save lives. I will die someday anyway. (I) might as well do it saving someone else.”

The honor student currently mans the picket line for two hours every Monday as part of the “40 Days for Life” vigil outside the Killeen Women’s Health Clinic.

“I feel very strongly in support of the anti-abortion issue,” Kloesel said. “Babies are the only innocent things in the world. Why would someone want to get rid of that? I would keep my baby even if I was raped.”

Kloesel coached a 3-6 year-old boys’ T-ball team for Copperas Cove Parks and Recreation Department this past summer. She said she loved the experience and would like to coach a girls’ team this year, pointing out the parents were too competitive with the boys. She s also volunteered with the Cove House homeless shelter and attends Holy Family Catholic Church.

“What makes me different is that I don’t get into the drama and party scene,” she said. “I have a close circle of friends I can count on.”

Kloesel has a 4.21 GPA and is active in Copperas Cove High School’s Friends of Rachel organization, where she helps new students get acclimated to the school.

“I helped a girl from Sweden and I knew exactly who to call to make her feel more welcome,” Kloesel said.

School counselor John Avritt said Kloesel is one of his go-to students.

“Whenever I need a student to help another student, whether she is new or just struggling, I call on Jennifer,” he said. “Jennifer is the kind of kid I would trust with my own children.”

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