Author Screaming Mimi is seen during a book signing. Mimi is a multi-genre author with eight books to her name.

Robin Harris | Herald

Copperas Cove library hosted the book signing of Chreyllynn Dyess — the writer of young adult, coming of age, paranormal, fantasy, poetry and romance — and Screaming Mimi, an author with books spanning several genres.

Dyess has been testing her hand at writing since her teenage days; although, she didn’t become totally committed until her husband excited and motivated her to dig deep within and write the words that rose to the surface.

It was then that her writing career began.

“I love to incorporate strong female leads into the stories I write, the kind of which empower and encourage female readers to stand and be who they are,” Dyess said.

Born in northwest Florida and raised in southeast Georgia, she developed a love for nature and the outdoors.

Her experiences outdoors open her up to create universes with vivid detail.

Presently residing in Copperas Cove, Dyess looks forward to her future as a writer and the many adventures this chapter will bring.

“Be true to yourself,” Dyess said. “Make yourself happy.”

Also in attendance was Screaming Mimi, a multigenre author with eight books under her belt with the first having been published in 2015.

Mimi resides in Central Texas with her family, and in her spare time she enjoys photography.

She loves hearing from her fans.

“I enjoy writing, and even more I enjoy hearing what my readers have to say about what I write,” Mimi said. “I want the reader to be transformed into a new reality.”

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