Senior Crochet Club members meet at the Copperas Cove Senior Center weekly to indulge in their favorite hobby.

“I joined the club when I retired five years ago,” Christa Jones said. “I’ve always liked crocheting, but I never had the time before. The club is also a good way for me to socialize with others.”

Other members of the club attend the crochet gathering for the same reason.

“It’s a good chance for us to talk and spend time with one another,” said Shirley Anderson, who joined the club a year ago. “Sometimes, other people join us, but it’s usually just the four of us.”

Martha Deaton was approached with the idea of starting a crochet club many years ago.

“I was asked by someone who worked here at the senior center if I would be willing to teach other people how to crochet,” Deaton said.

Deaton and other members are still willing to teach.

“Martha teaches the right-handed people, and I teach the left-handed people,” said May Keeton, a seven-year member. “Left-handed people, in particular, often never learn to crochet because there is no one there to show them how.”

Sometimes, meetings are more than social gatherings.

“We make a lot of nice things like doilies, bedspreads, and tablecloths,” Deaton said.

Most of members’ work is on personal projects, but Anderson often crochets a piece for Project Linus, a national organization that gives handmade blankets to hospitalized, critically ill children across the country.

“We used to make a lot of blankets for Hope Pregnancy Center and the homeless, but there are just so few of us right now,” Keeton said. “We’re interested in starting that up again if we get some more regular members.”

Crocheting can be done using either yarn or thread, depending on the item being made. Also needed are a crochet needle, some concentration and the desire to see a project completed.

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