Residents soon will have another option for working out and getting in shape when Army veteran Ben Eseroma expands his gym, CrossFit Beyond Limits, from Killeen to Cove.

Eseroma, 29, opened the Killeen gym in May 2010 after serving seven years as a military combat engineer.

“It was a passion I had from my last couple years of being in the Army,” he said.

Eseroma plans to open the Cove branch this summer at an undetermined location.

The CrossFit program, which promotes strength and conditioning, has become the latest fitness craze since Zumba, Eseroma said. The program is adjusted so people of all ages can participate.

Eseroma started the program with his brother, Matthew, the gym’s football coach.

The football program falls into the same spectrum as CrossFit but is more “explosive,” said Matthew Eseroma, who is a player, too. He plans to attend an NFL tryout later this month.

“It’s more powerful and it’s about overall strength, like CrossFit on steroids.”

In Cove, Ben Eseroma said CrossFit will offer a unique and controlled workout session.

“We will pull out from the program and individualize it,” he said. “If you are weak at endurance, then we will give you an endurance program and just polish each skill at a time.”

Gym members Rosalinda Lopez, 32, and Chelsey Winland, 30, have seen the benefits of CrossFit training.

“In a month, I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten way stronger,” Lopez said, while Windland said her athletic endurance has increased by “leaps and bounds.”

For information about the new Cove location, call (254) 213-9376.

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