Hanna Flores

Hanna Flores

Hanna Flores is not a member of a circus, but she definitely knows how to juggle. On a daily basis, she juggles her school work, her extra-curricular activities, her volunteer work, her family responsibilities and her job.

Teacher Mandi Stai said Flores is a truly a star performer and a role model for her fellow students.

“At Crossroads High School, students work at an accelerated rate. Hanna is on track to graduate, she is a member of an after-school organization, and she has an after-school job and discovered a way to volunteer through her school,” Stai said.

Flores began volunteering through the Crossroads Peer Mentoring program. She, along with several other students, spends time twice a month with students at Clements/Parsons Elementary School playing educational games, helping with research, and reading with the young students.

Fellow classmate Chloe Williams volunteers with Flores. “Hanna is selfless and inspires the rest of us to find creative ways to help others. She makes these opportunities a lot of fun,” Williams said.

Flores found the volunteer work rewarding and painted personalized ornaments for each of the students in her peer mentor group and gave them as gifts. “I want the other kids to understand that they are special and important to the program,” Flores said.

Flores signed herself and several of her classmates up to volunteer for the Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign and organized a household goods drive for Cove House because she wanted to help organizations that give back to her community.

Crossroads student Lauryn Venegas said Flores leads by example.

“Hanna is the type of person who is always willing to lend a helping hand. Even better, she offers help before anyone even asks,” Venegas said.

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