More than 350 pets were vaccinated Monday evening during a discount pet clinic held in Copperas Cove.

Dr. John Tarlton, of Austin Avenue Animal Hospital in Georgetown, sponsored the discount clinic with help from Copperas Cove Animal Control. A large part of Tarlton’s discount clinics goes to benefit various organizations in Central Texas.

“That’s one of the main reasons I do it, and it just helps keep the community safe,” Tarlton said.

Tarlton came prepared for the large turnout Monday by ordering double the vaccines necessary for clinics.

Katrina Scott, coordinator for the Copperas Cove pet clinic, said the fact that Tarlton donates a portion of the proceeds to community organizations is a testament to his character. The proceeds from the clinic went to International Girl, a local pageant organization, to help with fees and scholarships.

“Basically, they do these as fundraisers for the Boy Scouts and elementary schools - any kind of fundraising program that organizations are trying to raise funds for,” Scott said.

David Wellington, a Copperas Cove senior animal control officer, said he was awed by the hundreds of pet parents who turned out for the event.

“This has been amazing. Compared to last year, this is about 50 percent more people,” Wellington said. “I hope that the next one we do in August will be as good or better.”

Pet lovers like Copperas Cove resident Stephanie Decker attended the clinic to care for their pets’ health care and safety needs with vaccinations, micro-chipping and city licensing.

“I’m getting her micro-chipped and everything to try to save me some money,” Decker, who brought in her Chihuahua, Lily. “It gets expensive to take them to the vet.”

Killeen residents Nick and Crystal Spang said the discount clinic is the only place they take their two furry loved ones, 1-year-old Dip-Stick and 6-month-old Delihlya. Although the wait was long, they were glad to see so many standing in line.

“It makes me feel good that we are not the only parents that bring our pets here,” Spang said. “It’s a warm feeling to know that they are so well trusted with everyone’s pets.”

To reach Azeita Taylor, the Copperas Cove Herald office at 254-501-7476.

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