Copperas Cove Rabbit Fest kings and queens ride in the Buckholts Cotton Festival Parade on Saturday, June 7, 2014.

Copperas Cove was represented by its Rabbit Fest royalty in the Buckholts Cotton Festival Parade over the weekend, but not without the help of a little dental floss and a borrowed four-way tire wrench.

The parents of Wee Little Miss Rabbit Fest Hadlie Perry picked up the 16-foot trailer on Friday night that would serve as the royal float in the parade, only to have a tire blow out on Saturday morning before they even left Copperas Cove. As Hadlie’s dad, Flip Perry, prepared to change the tire, he discovered his wrench did not fit the lug nuts on the trailer.

“Fortunately, we started out early. But then we had to wait on my brother-in-law to bring us a four-way tire wrench. We had to hustle to get there before 9 a.m. to line up,” said Jesenika Perry, Hadlie’s mother.

Once the trailer rolled in, kings, queens and parents rushed to decorate the trailer for the parade in Milam County, about 45 minutes from Cove. As winds whipped through the town, the bunting used to bring color to the float began breaking away from the trailer just as the parade started to roll.

All of the zip ties, tape, and other materials were already put away in a vehicle far from the parade route. But some quick thinking by Jesenika Perry saved the day.

“I’ve got some floss. Will that work?” Perry said. “I’m a dental hygienist. So I always have floss.”

The floss was used to quickly tie on the bunting, and the truck pulled the trailer quickly to catch up to the entries in front of it. As the Rabbit Fest royalty rolled past the crowds lining the streets, loud cheers and clapping could be heard as the small community showed its appreciation for the festival’s participation.

That evening, the Buckholts Cotton Festival crowned its first pageant royalty. Miss Rabbit Fest Aleea Best served as a celebrity judge.

She was called onto the stage to talk about the Copperas Cove Rabbit Fest.

“I explained that the Rabbit Fest is always the third weekend in May in Copperas Cove in Coryell County and that we, too, started our pageant again this year with 142 contestants,” Best said.

During the week, younger Rabbit Fest royalty supported the Cove Chamber of Commerce at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for Baylor Scott & White Medical Clinic. Junior Mister Rabbit Fest Zachary Petty, Junior Miss Rabbit Fest Kaylie Pietras, Wee Little Miss Rabbit Fest Hadlie Perry, Miniature Miss Rabbit Fest Parker Satterfield, and Baby Mister Rabbit Fest Christopher McDonald held the banner as the ribbon was cut.

“It’s so great to have our Rabbit Fest royalty here at our chamber events,” Chamber President Betty Price said. “They are doing a great job representing the chamber and the festival and our city.”

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