From left, students Lubbock bound in May for regional competition are, first row, Bridgette Bien, Deleah Ames, Taylor Hyles, and Bryce Alexander; second row, Nathaniel Butler, Marques Keeler, and Ross Alexander, and, back row, Ariana Chaco, Immanuel Martinez, Laura Parvis and David Spicer.

Eight Copperas Cove High School students will advance to the regional University Interscholastic League (UIL) academic competition May 1-3 at Texas Tech University in Lubbock.

All eight placed either in first or second place at the district level to qualify for regional competition.

Three additional students on accounting and journalism teams also will make the trip. A total of 26 students placed at the district level

Nathaniel Butler, who is on the accounting team with Deleah Ames and Marques Keeler, said he is seeking revenge for last year’s competition.

“I lost at regional by one point last year, which cost me a chance at first place and to compete at state,” he said.

David Spicer, co-captain of the journalism team, also came close to going to state last year.

“I was one point away,” he said. “I’m a senior so I hope this is my year,” he said.

Twin brothers Bryce and Ross Alexander qualified for the regional competition. They have competed several years in spelling and taken about 20 tests at both invitational and other contests.

“It seems to come naturally for the both of us. We guess it’s one of those twin talents,” they said, almost in unison.

Students who win in their category at regional will advance to the state level meet May 19-21 in Austin.

All 81 students who competed in academic events this year were honored at an awards ceremony Monday at the school. Students received certificates from Associate Principal Russell Porterfield and UIL Academic Coordinator Amal Bay.

Other students who qualified to travel to the regional match up in Lubbock are Bridgette Bien, Taylor Hyles, Ariana Chaco, Immanuel Martinez and Laura Purvis.

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