Finally, spring is here. For me spring is the best time in Texas. The state apparently wants to pack all of its natural beauty into this time.

I could not wait for warmer weather to arrive, and now that it is here, a loud scream piercing the early morning calm brought back a reminder of dread. The scream originated from my daughter eating her breakfast the other morning and discovering a rather large flying insect landing on her shirt.

Mom had to run to the rescue, but between you and me, mom is more scared than anyone else. I am known for having a never-ending love for animals, but that doesn’t include insects and spiders. I am not simply grossed out by them, I am downright afraid.

Texas holds true to the saying “Everything is bigger in Texas” when it comes to bugs. I do believe that the Lord created each creature with a purpose, and by all means, they can live up to that purpose — in their habitat.

I wish bugs were not intent on invading the human habitat.

I remember very clearly my second night in Texas after we moved here last year. It was early April and the doors were open to let in a nice evening breeze.

In comes a June bug, which goes directly for my hair. Thanks to the abundant use of hair spray, it got stuck in there. Gangnam style is nothing compared to the dance I did that night.

It was very much enjoyed by my children and my nephew, but I wished somebody would just take my head off. Screaming in the restroom at work did not accomplish much either as my co-worker turned out to be just as wary of the giant water bug pushing his body out of the drain as I was.

Red ants are not so big but are plentiful. They don’t gross me out, but they sure can inflict pain. I discovered that the hard way by standing very still in my backyard trying to take a picture of a roadrunner. The dogs were sleeping in the sun.

Suddenly, I felt a burning sensation in my feet and legs. I was standing on an ant mound. My wild run to the water hose was interrupted by the dogs who thought we were playing a new chasing game.

Crickets are the worst. Not only are they bigger here than I am accustomed to, but there are just so many of them.

Coming into the office in the mornings proved to be more of a task than it should be.

Unlocking the door, I stepped inside, and a large number of crickets were there to greet me.

I have been seen running from bugs in stores.

Much to my dismay, I encountered bugs at the Texas Capitol in Austin. They are everywhere. I have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. So, I must arm myself, and protect my office and my home.

If you should see me at the Cove Herald office, don’t be surprised or afraid if I’m armed with a shoe in one hand and insect killer in the other.

I am simply defending my habitat.

Contact Alexandra Cole at or (254) 501-7470.

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