Robyn Petet

Teaching was a second career for Robyn Petet.

Nine years ago, she left the world of business to become an educator and has never looked back.

She began her career as an instructional aide in the behavior support class at Mae Stevens Elementary School, which is now Mae Stevens Early Learning Academy under Principal Mary Derrick.

“Ms. Petet had and still does have a way with children who are struggling emotionally and behaviorally,” Derrick said. “Petet is entering her fifth year at our school where she is often called on to use her behavior support classroom skills to help with a struggling student.”

After three years as a behavior support classroom aide, Petet entered an alternative certification program and became a prekindergarten teacher.

She taught at Clements/Parsons Elementary School for one year and then was selected to become part of the team to open Mae Stevens Early Learning Academy.

Petet served on the Copperas Cove Independent School District Vision 2020 Strategic Planning Action Team evaluating facilities in the school district.

“She was a perfect candidate for this committee. As a mother of five, she knows where the district facilities have been and improvements are needed,” Derrick said.

“At the time, she began serving on the committee, she still had two children enrolled in two different schools in the district and is very involved with their activities.”

This year, Petet is serving as a mentor for two new teachers.

She is there for them when they need advice and moral support.

She spends extra time helping them set up their rooms and preparing their lesson plans. Petet also collaborates with new teachers to help them work through the challenges that come with the first year of teaching.

Petet was named the Copperas Cove Exchange Club Educator of the Quarter in September and will compete for Copperas Cove Exchange Club Educator of the Year in May.

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