Being a teenager can be a difficult time when young people try to determine who they are and establish their own identities. For one Cove high school senior, her faith determines her actions.

Charmarie Holt, 18, attends Greater Vision Community Church where she is active in the youth group and choir.

“I am religious. I do believe in God. I don’t push my religion on someone else but it does direct my behavior,” Holt said. “A lot of young ladies don’t have direction or know where to go in life. I grew up in the church, which not only provided me with a sense of direction, it also taught me to work hard — even when you don’t want to.”

Holt works 20 hours a week as a collections agent for Mercedes Benz at G.C. Services.

She said it is often difficult to call people about their past-due car payments.

“I am a nice person. I can handle it,” Holt said. “A lot of people get fired (from G.C. Services) because they can’t handle it.”

The honor student maintains a 3.0 GPA and would like to major in child psychology at Texas A&M. She said she is always talking with people about their feelings and advising friends on their problems.

“I’ve known that’s what I wanted to be since I was little. In kindergarten, I knew I wanted to be a psychologist, but I couldn’t spell it,” Holt said, “but, I still knew it even then.”

CCHS math teacher, Heathor Boritz, said Holt is an extremely kind person.

“She has a very positive personality. Despite obstacles, she always looks for good. She works hard and well with others, especially in groups,” Bortiz said. “She is receptive to being helped and helping others.”

She said Holt is always asking the school about community service hours and averages 20 hours a week of community service. Holt volunteers every Friday during football season and spent more than 100 hours helping at the games.

She has been an usher at her church for four years. She also is a regular visitor at nursing homes playing bingo with the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority where she is a debutante this year.

“A lot of people go right. I go left,” Holt said. “I will be that one person to stop and help. I have a big heart.”

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