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Five Hills Ambassador Emily Kimball and Pre-teen Miss Five Hills Briana Liles pose with the newly crowned Miss Mary Hardin-Baylor Briana Frederickson, of San Antonio, on Saturday night. The royalty extended an invitation to their new pageant sister to visit Copperas Cove.

Did you know that Copperas Cove used to be spelled with only one “p” in Copperas?

When the first post office was opened in 1879, Copperas Cove was spelled with only one “p.” Remains of the city’s first post office still exist at Ogletree Tree Gap Preserve.

The city officially changed its name to the current spelling in 1901, which is some of the information the Copperas Cove Five Hills royalty share with people they meet in their travels across the state.

They talk about some of the historic sites like the old post office; the Alin House, home of the city’s first mayor; and the First Baptist Church built in 1908.

The titleholders have gone from Dallas to Houston and throughout Burnet, McLennan, Lampasas, Hamilton, and Bell counties, to name a few.

Preteen Miss Five Hills Briana Liles said it is important to represent Cove in other communities such as Belton where the titleholders served as visiting royalty at the Miss Mary Hardin-Baylor Pageant on Saturday evening.

“It is important for everyone to see the extent to which we travel to show support to the other neighboring communities,” Liles said. “It also is good for us to go attend other events because they could give us ideas of things we may not already be helping with in our own community or give maybe a new look on how to help areas we are already focused on.”

Veterans Day marks the start of holiday parade season for the royalty who have nearly a dozen parades on their schedule.

Five Hills Ambassador Emily Kimball enjoys the opportunities to travel to other communities to represent and promote the city.

“Whether it is going to Belton for the Miss UMHB pageant or the Belton July 4th events, McGregor Founders Day Pageant and Parade, Texas State Fair Opening Day Parade in downtown Dallas, the Hamilton Dove Festival, and many other places, being able to put Cove on the map by going to other communities is an opportunity to share all that our city has to offer and hopefully draw more residents and businesses to our community,” Kimball said.

Liles said as ambassadors for the city, the royalty serve as an invitation to come and visit the City Built for Family Living.

“We do so much in Cove that it is nice to go to these other places and share it with them because we can help each other with ideas and that could make the whole world a better place instead of just our own community.”

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