The Friends of the Library book cart sale was one of several topics discussed during the March 17 FOL meeting.

Shelves of more than 450 donated hard-back books, soft-back books, CDs, tapes and magazines in the Copperas Cove Library are on sale to the public during library hours.

The ongoing book sale serves as the primary fundraiser for the Friends of the Copperas Cove Library. Without these ongoing sales, the FOL cannot do all they do to support the library, said John Gallen, FOL president.

The books are separated into categories such as fiction, nonfiction, military, cookbooks, children, western, science fiction, self-help, religion and foreign language.

Book cart sales are doing quite well, said Jeanne Brouchard, FOL book cart sale manager.

“Our Friends of the Library book cart sale is doing more than any other library,” she said, attributing the increased profits to pricing of books.

“With no set price, the used books are sold based on condition of the book, the age of book and the author.”

The FOL members decided during the meeting to purchase a new bookcase for the sale to offer more space for incoming books.

Library Director Kevin Marsh shared a synopsis of the library director’s report during the meeting and said book circulation continues to be strong.

Based on library performance measures, there is a large increase in circulated items, both physical and digital, when compared to the monthly target, Marsh said.

“Patrons like ebooks and books on CD,” he said. “In addition to the print, book circulation exceeds targets for the year.”

At the close of the meeting, Gallen thanked FOL members for their participation in the Friends of the Copperas Cove Library Volunteer and Staff Appreciation Dinner on Feb. 18.

With the shrinking staff, volunteers are appreciated now more than ever, he said.

“Volunteers shelve books, work with the summer reading program and more,” Gallen said.

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