Being a Junior Historian is an honor.

Students are nominated by their teachers to become members of the organization.

“It’s awesome,” said Martin Walker Elementary School kindergarten teacher Teresa Gorres, who also serves as sponsor for the school’s Junior Historians.

“They really have a love for history,” Gorres said.

The Martin Walker Junior Historians just started at the school this year. They will be sharing that love of history with others from across Texas when they travel to San Antonio in April for the Junior Historians Annual Meeting.

Before that, however, they need to raise money for the buses and registration fees.

That was part of the motivation for holding a communitywide garage sale Saturday at the school.

Originally planned for the parking lot, the event was moved into the school cafeteria due to the possibility of rain.

Members of the Junior Historians did all they could to drum up business for the sale, standing along the roadway in front of the school with colorful signs and shouting to passing cars.

Indoors, other members assisted shoppers, who could select items from clothes and shoes to dishes, furniture, toys and paintings, all available for whatever donation the buyer thought reasonable.

On one table, candy was for sale for $1, to tempt buyers who might crave a sweet treat.

Gianni Streeto, fifth-grade Junior Historian, helped out at the sale, regaling those who would listen with details of the project he’ll be displaying at the April meeting.

“It’s on the First Battle of Somme,” Streeto said. “It took place in 1916 during World War I.”

Streeto described how the British mounted an offensive against the Germans, with help from French and Canadian troops.

When the battle ended and the British believed the Germans had been defeated, they kicked footballs across no-man’s land, Streeto said.

He’s not sure if they were American-style footballs, or actually soccer balls.

“It said footballs on the internet,” he said.

He started his research in October, meeting each Monday after school in the library with other Junior Historians. They will continue their research until the projects are ready to load on the buses.

Research isn’t all these youngsters think about, though.

The other motivation for the garage sale, according to Gorres, is a service project of the Junior Historians.

Part of the proceeds from the sale will benefit the Relay for Life.

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