Her name may have come from the back of a car license plate. But this Copperas Cove Junior High student is certainly not waiting at the back of the line on the road, in the classroom or on the field.

Aurora Fisher, 13, said her name means “destiny,” which means to be alive. Her mom selected the name because Aurora had health problems before and after she was born. Today, Aurora excels in gifted and talented advanced classes and has always made the A/B honor roll.

“I’ve never had a C before,” she said, adding that math is her favorite subject. “Since I was little, I’ve caught on to it. There’s always something new in math. But I am always able to put all of the numbers and letters together and come up with an answer.”

Aurora said her mom serves as both a mentor and teacher to her.

“She is really smart and that’s probably why I do so well at stuff,” she said. “I am following in my sister’s footsteps because she is also really smart, but I go my own way.”

Aurora also excels outside the classroom. By age 11, she advanced to a level six in gymnastics but left the sport to try her skills at something different.

She was the only girl to play boys baseball on a parks and recreation team last year and also started power lifting, reaching a total weight lift of 425 pounds. “They call me the ‘power house,’” Aurora said. “I also did pole vaulting, hurdles and shot put. I play pretty much any sport they put out there for me.”

Aurora would like to become a teacher. Her parents provide foster care and currently support two foster children.

“It’s really hard when I get attached to them because they’ve stayed a long time. Sometimes I cry,” she said. “To see what those foster parents have done, it’s sad. I could never imagine my parents doing that. If they did, I would be hurt very badly. I know I am very fortunate.”

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