Copperas Cove High School head girls’ basketball coach and speech-communications teacher Eldridge McAdams teaches CCHS freshman Khahlil Watson about the lives behind the faces posted on the Black History Month board in front of the cafeteria Monday. 

Copperas Cove High School staff and students recognized Black History Month in February by hanging photos of key leaders, the dates they lived and where they made contributions on a bulletin board in the cafeteria hallway.

The project was led by Eldridge McAdams, head girls’ basketball coach and speech teacher.

“Those are pictures I carry with me from school to school,” said McAdams, who is in his first year at CCHS. “This is the traveling wall of fame, of people that have paved the way for all of us — for American history really.”

McAdams has 14 years of experience in education and coaching.

He is also a pastor at Unity Faith Church in Huntsville, where he preaches each Sunday. He thinks those who came before him forged the path to opportunities he might not have otherwise had, especially in education.

“It’s American history and it’s a part of who we are today and how we got here,” McAdams said. “Being a black American, that makes it even more close to who I am as a person.”

CCHS freshman Khahlil Watson said he was intrigued that McAdams took the time to give an overview of black history and explain the contributions to society of those pictured on the wall.

“Well, I think no one has done that before with me. No one has ever took me aside to get me to think about it,” Watson said. “When I stood at the wall, I started remembering what important things they did.”

McAdams said he believes the celebrations and recognitions he remembered as a kid have become a lost art.

By putting up the picture board in a high-traffic area of the school, he hopes some students might notice and Google some of the names.

“Kids learn a lot by what they see,” McAdams said. “So if they see the pictures and names, then they may take it upon themselves to research it.”

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