About 343 clients participated in parenting classes offered by the HOPE Pregnancy Center in the past year.

Director Brenda Titus said the center opened in Copperas Cove in 2005.

“It was an idea that started with the First Baptist Church and other groups from the community that started coming together,” she said.

Titus recalled the story of a young woman contemplating abortion. “She had a boyfriend that was not supportive and telling her to abort the baby, and she came in distraught and an emotional mess,” she said. “She was able to get the pregnancy test and an ultrasound, and when the boyfriend saw the ultrasound he changed his mind about what he was encouraging her to do.”

Titus said the services made a huge difference in the young mother’s life, as she recently saw her with her 2-month-old baby and husband-to-be. “Pregnancy can be an emotional time for a woman and what we try to do is give them hope and help at that time of need.”

The center also provided more than 500 free pregnancy tests last year. Much of the center’s support comes from the community. The Noon Exchange Club of Copperas Cove recently gave $1,500.

“The money will help offset their expenses and help to keep some of the programs running so that we can get the young parents educated,” said Mike Blount, Noon Exchange Club past president.

Titus said HOPE programs also teach parents about the value of life, and helps them to alleviate concerns about financial stress. To learn more about the HOPE Pregnancy Center call, (254) 518-HOPE.

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