Have you ever wondered where hotel Bibles come from?

Most likely they were hand-delivered by a Gideon missionary as part of the Gideons International ministry. “Hotels are our primary focus, but we do so much more,” said Joe Hines, a Gideon.

Hines is the secretary for the Copperas Cove camp that also serves Lampasas, Gatesville, Evant and Lometa.

“The Gideon ministry is about seeking out people who don’t know Jesus Christ and bringing them the word of God and making sure they have constant access to it,” he said.

This year, members distributed 7,875 Gideon testaments to hotels, doctors’ and lawyers’ offices, jails, hospitals, nursing homes, schools and colleges in the Cove area.

Tracy McCoy, front desk manager of Comfort Suites in Cove, where local Gideons often distribute their scripture, said it gives people who are religious and would like access to a Bible the option of having one there.

“Everybody has the right to practice what he believes and if those beliefs involve being able to read the Bible on a regular basis, then he should be permitted to do that even when he’s away from home.

“We like to believe (our hotel) is a home away from home.”

The Bibles are purchased through various fundraisers and donations from local churches.

The camp works in conjunction with churches and pastors to share the mission and recruit new Gideon members.

“We feel like we are a branch of the church because we work hand in hand with them. We can’t be who we are without our churches,” Hines said.

For more information on Gideons International or to become a member of a local camp, go to www.gideons.org.

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