Krist Kindl Charity Pageant

Winners of the 2018 Krist Kindl Charity Pageant pose Saturday, Dec. 1, 2018, after the event in Copperas Cove.

Hundreds showed up at the Civic Center on Saturday to crown the 2018 winners in the annual Krist Kindl Charity Pageant.

This year, the pageant proceeds will go to Keep Copperas Cove Beautiful.

“I am excited about the event today,” said Kimberly Grace, who attended to support a family member participating in the pageant. “I am happy that all the funds will go towards a worthy cause.”

The Civic Center was filled with excitement as more than 10 categories were judged and in each category, a winner was crowned.

Pageant categories consisted of the junior, teen, senior, preteen and others. Contestants ranged in age from infants to 62 years old.

“I am so excited I didn’t think I would win,” said Dawn Hale. “I am just happy that I tried again.”

Some of this year’s new royalty included Teen Miss Krist Kindl Tyler Foley, Preteen Miss Krist Kindl Lillian Hoaglin, Tiny Miss Krist Kindl Madison Guillet, and Senior Ms. Krist Kindl Dawn Hale, among others.

All contestants received a medal. Runners-up also received a trophy.

Winners won a crown and banner, as well as trophy and medal.

After the winners were crowned and pictures were taken, the newly crowned royals all took their place in the Christmas parade.

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