The Copperas Cove Public Library threw a teen party Wednesday to mark the end of its summer reading program.

Twenty teens snacked on the food and beverages provided by Domino’s Pizza, while they played interactive video and board games together. Most of the guests took turns playing the Wii game console set up on the large projector in the front of the room.

“In your face,” shouted Immanuel Emerson as he hit a home run on the Wii’s baseball game.

Others, like Lillian Jones, sat back and took in the experience.

“I have two younger siblings, so I like doing things alone, and I like pizza,” Lillian said.

The library invited children 11 to 16 years old to the event, said Martha Dye, library program director.

“It keeps them reading during the summer, and I also want them to come to the library more,” Dye said. “With the teenage group, it gives them the chance to get to know one another.”

Brenda Graley’s granddaughters, Morgan and Kylee Grubaugh, who live in Arizona and visit Coppers Cove during the summer, have participated in the summer program for years, Graley said.

“They come here for six weeks every year, and we always do the summer reading programs,” she said. “They’re both readers so they really look forward to it.”

Morgan, 11, said the program was fun and developed her reading skills by helping her to read longer without taking breaks.

“I like reading because it’s like watching a movie without actually watching a movie,” Morgan said.

Prizes were handed out to participants for their work in the program including gift cards to local restaurants.

The event also was open to teens who did not participate in the reading program, Dye said.

“They did not have to qualify to come to this one,” she said. “All teenagers that wanted to come were welcome even if they couldn’t come to any of the others.”

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