Men's prayer breakfast

Steven Nelson, left, and Edward Ward hold hands as they pray during the Community-wide Men’s Prayer Breakfast Saturday at Hillside Ministries in Copperas Cove.


A man’s worth and the role he plays in his family and community were lessons taught Saturday at the Community-Wide Men’s Prayer Breakfast at Hillside Ministries in Copperas Cove.

About a dozen men and their sons joined the church’s administrative pastor, Tim O’Neal, to pray for a variety of issues. O’Neal told attendees it’s important for them to be loving men.

“We get the idea a lot of time of what a man is supposed to be, and it gets very far away from what God intended man to be,” he said. “The scripture I shared is about coming back to what God’s standards are.”

He referenced several movie characters who display a worldly standard for men.

The group prayed among one another for the nation, churches and the community.

Joe Hines, a member of Hillside Ministries, said men from various churches gather monthly in different churches around the city.

“It’s extremely important, as I get to know a lot of the men from the community,” he said. “It’s just a really positive thing to get together and share our concerns and just pray and ask God to be involved.”

The prayer breakfast nourished attendees bodies and lifts their spirits, several men said.

“I think that’s how to train young men,” Hines said. “The testimony I give is of a powerful image of my father praying that’s ingrained in my mind … it taught me humbleness, concern and I think that’s shown to the boys.”

Participants said they look forward to the monthly gathering.

“It’s about building relationships with other Christians from other churches, helping to grow my love and faith in Jesus Christ,” said Keith Doiel, member of Robertson Avenue Baptist Church. “We can all learn how to work and worship together even though we are from different churches.”

“It’s not about one church or another church, but what we can do for Christ as a whole,” said Steven Nelson. “And giving the young boys the chance to see what it means to be a Godly man.”

Edward Ward, who visited from Oakwood, said the prayer breakfast is comforting and feel like home.

“To know that when I come back to visit, that there is always a place with all this camaraderie with other people who want to follow the Lord and will help you is a bit refreshing,” Ward said.

Others, such as Aaron Labarge, describe the prayer meeting as a cry on the battlefield, as the men work to love their families and set positive examples.

“It’s a little bit of hope in the room since the world has so many things that are going on,” Labarge said. “When God teaches about the church, he puts the man as that leader and lets people know we are still here and will not give up so easily.”

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