Edna Teinert

Edna Teinert smiles while sitting by Carol Koch, her granddaughter-in-law, during Teinert’s 102nd birthday celebration Jan. 15 at Stoney Brook assisted-living community in Copperas Cove.

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Longtime Copperas Cove resident Edna Teinert celebrated her 102nd birthday last week during a party at the Stoney Brook assisted-living community.

Two years ago, Teinert celebrated her 100th birthday at Stoney Brook, which at the time had just opened, as one of its first residents. About 25 guests — including her friends, family members and fellow residents of Stoney Brook — enjoyed the cake and live music.

“Her birthday is also somewhat of a family reunion for us,” said Teinert’s oldest granddaughter, Elizabeth Steele, who drove from Missouri for the occasion.

A widow since 1960, Teinert never remarried. Her late husband was a veteran of World War II.

She is the mother of four: Barbara Studtmann, Martha Cooley, Clifford Teinert and the late Betsy Koch. Her extended family includes 13 grandchildren, 17 great-grandchildren and six great-great-grandchildren.

A lifelong Texan, Teinert has lived most of her life in Copperas Cove. Her close ties to the community are why she chose to stay at Stoney Brook instead of relocating out of state to be with family members.

In addition to being a homemaker, Teinert worked in a dress shop, designing and sewing wedding dresses. At one point, she also served as a director for the Lutheran Service Center, a church-sponsored organization.

“She is a world of knowledge. I love visiting with her,” said Angea Carroll, marketing director at Stoney Brook.

Relatives said Teinert continues to lead a full, active life despite her advanced age. Other than having a hearing loss, she is in good health.

“She still attends Bible study and goes to church every Sunday,” said her daughter, Martha Cooley.

“And she never forgets to call when it’s someone’s birthday,” Steele said.

Teinert said about turning 102: “It’s been a beautiful day and I’m thankful to be spending it with my children and grandchildren. The only things I can attribute to living so long are prayer and God’s blessing. Everything I have is from him.”

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