A lot of folks seem to be getting hitched in Coryell County, and the bulk of the hitching is taking place in Copperas Cove.

Kara Ann (McRoberts) Lebel, 21, and Jeremy Scott Lebel, 23, an US Army specialist assigned to Fort Hood, were one of 19 couples who obtained marriage licenses in December and were married Dec. 5 by Justice of the Peace William Price. The couple currently lives in Copperas Cove and plans to have a big wedding in the future. They are expecting their first child in May.

The Lebels met at the Rabbit Festival held last May in downtown Cove.

“We just kind of ran into each other. We were both admiring a 1964 ½ Mustang at the car show and we started making car talk,” Kara Lebel said. “We’re the same person for the most part, just the opposite sex.”

Jeremy Lebel was not surprised that his future bride liked cars as much as he did.

“Everything we do, we always agree. Its kind of funny,” Jeremy Lebel said. “We make sure we always communicate. So, we really don’t have any issues.”

Copperas Cove issues on average 20 marriage licenses every month. Coryell County Chief Clerk Tonya Sheldon said she records an average of seven licenses and four marriage ceremonies every week. In August, Sheldon issued 44 marriage licenses.

“In the summer and in December, a lot of people get married. Perhaps it’s for taxes,” Sheldon said. “We do a lot of ceremonies with the military who will use the justice of the peace to get married so that they can get their spouse on Tricare and then have the wedding later.”

Copperas Cove cannot administer underage marriage licenses, Sheldon said. Anyone under 18 wishing to get married must go to Gatesville to obtain a license. Also licenses can now only be issued for marriages of second cousins and latter family members.

“After 2008, marriage licenses were no longer allowed to be issued for first cousins to be married in Texas,” Sheldon said.

Approximately 80 percent of wedding ceremonies Price performs are for military couples like the Lebels. Price said weddings are the “most fun” part of his job. “I have conducted weddings in English, Spanish and German,” he said. “I am always honored to be part of the ceremony.”

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