Selina Romero

Selina Romero is a 16-year-old, Cove High School junior who excels at math.

She doesn’t care much about what people think of her or what their expectations might be. This Copperas Cove High School junior applies herself to the work at hand to surpass her classmates.

Selina Romero, 16, is a top competitor in math competitions and a strong member of the University Interscholastic League academic team.

“I mainly compete against boys,” Romero said. “It is kind of intimidating to always be taking on the No. 1 or No. 2 (academic) guys in the class. I don’t really care for other people’s opinions of me. I don’t care if I meet their expectations. I try not to act above everyone else on the intelligence level. But, it’s my life and I have to live it.”

Romero said her organizational skills help her figure out math problems rather than a scatter of ideas to find the answers.

“My answers are organized and easy to comprehend,” she said.

Romero said she doesn't study as much as people think she does. She simply pays attention in class and does her work. It isn’t difficult to excel if the teacher is clear on the assignment.

Romero’s strongest subject is math, but all subject matter interests her.

“The idea of figuring something out intrigues me,” Romero said. “Solving something makes me excited. So I am looking into those jobs and careers.”

She would like to be a neonatal nurse, forensic scientist or counselor and hopes to attend University of Virginia or Texas Tech.

But not everything comes easily to Romero.

“I can be creative. I have to try a little harder and stay focused,” Romero said. “When I was younger, I had trouble reading and that contributes a lot to my writing.”

English and journalism teacher Janice Stalder said Romero definitely comes to class ready to work.

“She was already writing upper level papers in the first few weeks of school and does an outstanding job,” Stalder said. “She is always looking to improve and asking herself how she can do better.”

Stalder said she is most impressed with Romero’s positive attitude about completing work.

Romero also is active in the choir although she has stage fright and cannot imagine singing a solo. She serves on the Link Crew and Student Council and attends Holy Family Catholic Church.

Romero has a clear picture of herself.

“I wouldn’t call myself extraordinary,” she said. “I try to be like everyone else.”

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