Lydia Parker

At age 11, Lydia Parker has moved six times. She knows her father’s transfer to Fort Hood will not be her family’s last relocation. “I don’t like (moving) because I have to leave a lot of friends,” said Lydia, who was born in Germany. “But I do get to do a lot of sightseeing.”

With every move, she is surrounded with learning experiences.

“We learn different things in history about where we’re living. In California, I learned about the Gold Rush. Now I am learning about Texas history,” she said.

This is Lydia’s second time at Fort Hood. She said Copperas Cove has been her favorite place to live so far.

“I like that it’s small and not that big. I like smaller better than bigger areas. They have less traffic and people are friendlier too,” Lydia said.

The sixth-grader is an honor student and said she is really good at math. She would like to be a certified public accountant like her great-grandfather.

“It runs in my dad’s side of the family. He was really good at math. My mom’s not so good with math. She tries helping me on my homework and she’s not very good. Even she has to ask Dad,” said Lydia, who is currently converting the metric system. “I can work problems in my head and they come to me really fast.”

CCJH math teacher Nathan Smith said Lydia’s willingness to adapt to new situations is an advantage in the classroom.

“Lydia always has a smile and a positive attitude. She is always willing to try something new or to help another student,” Smith said.

Lydia sings soprano in the school choir. She is trying to get her younger sister to audition for choir, which requires after-school practices of two hours a week. Lydia said she most enjoys getting to learn different languages in some of the songs.

“That also comes from my dad’s side. Most of his family plays musical instruments. My sister plays the guitar and so does my dad. He was in a band and was the lead singer,” she said.

Lydia has been taking gymnastics lessons for about eight months at GymKix. She participated in a few competitions and spends approximately 90 minutes a week practicing her techniques, including flips, tumbling, backhand springs, and keeping her body flexible.

Lydia works hard to make her parents proud, especially her father who is on his third deployment.

“I tell myself this one is easier because it is shorter — nine months. But he will miss my 12th birthday,” she said, sighing. “I know he’s protecting and fighting for us and we try to Facetime almost every day. I am proud of him.”

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