The stage was draped with colorful cloth, and decorated columns framed the background of the set inside Lea Ledger Auditorium Saturday evening.

More than 200 people watched students of the In His Presence Worship Arts Institute minister through song and dance.

The institute’s annual fundraising performance provides scholarships to students at the academy. Students of all ages performed an array of songs and interpretative dances, with each telling a Bible story. Several students dressed as mimes.

The theme of the performance was “No Man Can Serve Two Masters.”

“I believe everyone will leave knowing who our master is,” said Lynn Dykes, worship arts director minister.

Many in the audience were surprised by the quality of the show.

“I didn’t know what to expect, but it’s really nice, from the costumes and the whole set-up,” said Tracy Vick, 43, of Killeen. “I was very touched and some of the songs I’ve never heard, so I’m going to go home and try to find out who sings those songs.”

Daphne Carraway of Harker Heights said the angels were one of her favorite parts of the show.

“I like seeing the angels with the presence of God, and how whenever the girl in chains received God’s love … the angels came around and ministered to her.”

Bethesda Fellowship Ministries Pastor Ray Gatewood, 58, who attends the show every year, appreciates the parts children play in the performances.

“One of the things I really liked is the small children and how involved they are in learning not just the dance moves but the story,” he said. “I think each year they get better because now they know even more from putting on this worship experience.”

Established seven years ago, the institute honors Dykes’ daughter, Alicia Esther Dykes, who died unexpectedly nearly a decade ago.

“We are comprised (of) people from different churches and so when we come together we know what our purpose is: to see souls saved,” Dykes said.

Karen Lanxon, 30, of Killeen, was recognized as this year’s Alicia Esther Dykes award recipient for sacrificing her time and being committed to making the event a success.

“It’s a great honor, because they don’t just pick it for being a great dancer but for the worship and Christ in you,” she said. “Our aim is to show people the life and love of Jesus Christ through dance.”

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