Barbara Miller

Barbara Miller always thought she would be a nurse because she likes to take care of people. But, an opportunity to work at House Creek Elementary became available that allowed Miller to be able to go back to work, to have the same schedule of her three school aged children and allow time to go back to college. She could earn a degree as well as her teaching certification. Her path changed and Miller is wrapping up her first year as a kindergarten teacher at House Creek Elementary.

“I must say that with so many variables that can affect teaching from day to day, that I am glad I entered being an educator in the way that I did. By being an aide for the last five years, I have been fortunate to have learned so much from teachers past and present,” Miller said. “A lot goes into teaching, but I have had the most amazing experience and support from my administration and my fellow colleagues. I have had so many blessings and so many co-workers rooting for me throughout this journey, with so much love and support, they make it impossible to fail. Having had this experience, I can’t ever see myself doing anything but teaching.”

House Creek Elementary Principal Larea Gamble selected Miller as the school’s Rookie Teacher of the Year.

“Barbara Miller is an outstanding first year teacher. Her heart for children is evident each day. She works diligently to collaborate with team members, to plan and prepare for rigorous lessons, and to interact with students in a respectful and engaging manner,” Gamble said. “Ms. Miller often remains at school until late in the evening to collaborate with her team leader and to prepare for the next day’s instruction. Her dedication to students and their learning is commendable.”

Miller said the most rewarding thing about teaching is to be able to fill young minds with knowledge and the see them turn around and be successful.

“I want students at a young age to have a good foundation. I want to always encourage them to ask questions and to develop a love for learning,” Miller said. “It’s hard to say what would be the most challenging thing about teaching. I think that every moment is a teachable moment no matter where we are at in our day. With that mind set, I feel that we can accomplish anything.”

Now that Miller almost has her first year behind her, her advice to new teachers is to take in everything and enjoy every moment with their very first class.

“The first-year sure flies by fast and it is important to be able to relish in some of the moments throughout the year,” Miller said. “After all, you are shaping our future in your classroom. Be excited and proud not only for their accomplishments but for yours as well through it all.”

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