Christina Newberry

When you walk into Christina Newberry’s classroom at Hettie Halstead Elementary School, you would never know that she is only in her second year of teaching. It appears she has been doing it for years.

Hettie Halstead Elementary Principal Brian Jost said Newberry was born to be a teacher.

“Mrs. Newberry is that original person that is able to reach students and be a ‘teacher’ without practice. She, in my terms, is a natural in this profession and we are lucky to have her on our campus and so are the students she receives in her classroom,” Jost said.

Jost said what has made Newberry excel at teaching so quickly is the fact that she is receptive to the coaching she has received from her mentor, who is a veteran teacher, and she utilizes the purposeful instruction she receives. Newberry also utilizes character education initiatives in her classroom.

“Mrs. Newberry’s thirst for knowledge and desire to do well and provide opportunities for her students to succeed is what makes her peers 100 percent, 100 percent of the time,” Jost said.

He added that Newberry has positively impacted the campus by making connections with other staff members, sharing her own classroom experiences and being a team player.

“Mrs. Newberry has a great attitude and is a joy to supervise and work with,” Jost said.

Because of Newberry’s stellar performance in her first year of teaching, she was selected at Hettie Halstead’s 2017 Rookie Teacher of the Year.

“Mrs. Newberry’s style of teaching inspires learning because it is always positive, always adapting, and always participative. Outside experiences are brought into the classroom to enhance learning and connections are made daily,” Jost said.

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