During the March 14 Noon Exchange meeting, Past President Mike Blount talked about the history of the Exchange Sunshine Apartments, low income, nonprofit housing in Copperas Cove for seniors age 62 and older.

“Lots of good Exchangites were involved in that project,” Blount said. “The Exchange Sunshine Apartments began construction in 1988 and groundbreaking for the apartments took place in 1993.”

Noon Exchange Club Previous Past President Bill Minton visits the apartments weekly and maintains the vending machines that provide activity funds for residents. Furniture for the common area and patio and outdoor maintenance items were purchased by the Noon Exchange. The club also performed lawn maintenance during Make a Difference Day. Minton has been a longtime board member, and Blount serves as board chairman for the Sunshine Home Corporation.

In other news, the Quad Cities Ride for a Child motorcycle rally is March 29. It begins in Gatesville and makes a stop at Dave’s Ice House in Copperas Cove. There, riders can purchase the “Blue Solo Cup for Exchange” for $5. The cup can be filled with draft beer for free the first time and then 55 cents per refill. The club estimates sales will be from $300 to $500.

The Noon Exchange Club deposited $13,050 with an additional $346 from the sale of Ride for a Child armbands and pins. Funds raised from the sale will be put back into the community for child abuse prevention.

The midwinter conference is May 17-18 at the Shilo Inn in Killeen. The event will begin with a dinner Friday night and close Sunday with the One Nation Under God ceremony. During the Sunday breakfast, the District will honor those Exchangites who died during the past year.

Noon Exchange Club President Dennis Ayres encouraged members to bring plastic, candy-filled eggs to the annual Head Start Easter Egg Hunt near the Senior Center on April 17. The club will need 400 to 500 eggs. Anyone wishing to donate eggs can drop them off at the Copperas Cove Housing Authority on Casa Drive by April 11.

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