Copperas Cove Rabbit Fest royalty are sitting pretty for the Juneteenth Parade as the float rolls through downtown Killeen on Saturday, June 14, 2014.

Wendy Sledd | Herald

The life of a beauty queen may seem glamorous, but the schedule can be rigorous and grueling. The date book for the Rabbit Fest royalty is no different.

The last two weeks have been busy. Senior Ms. Rabbit Fest Nancy Carothers, Miss Rabbit Fest Aleea Best, Young Miss Rabbit Fest Kelsey Dane, Teen Miss Rabbit Fest Kelseigh Fife and Junior Mister Rabbit Fest Zachary Petty supported our soldiers by modeling event T-shirts for the Fort Hood Shooting Memorial at Killeen’s Army birthday celebration. They also handed out programs for the official ceremony.

Organizer Charlotte Humpherys invited the queens to the event.

“We were super excited to have them helping us. We made sure the girls had a great time during the event and were recognized for donating their time to such a great cause,” Humpherys said.

From Baby Mister Rabbit Fest Christopher McDonald to Senior Ms. Rabbit Fest Nancy Carothers, Copperas Cove and the festival were well represented at the Juneteenth Pageant and Juneteenth Parade in Killeen. Both the pageant and parade were sponsored by the NAACP, Roosevelt Huggins said.

“It is so great to see Copperas Cove represented here in Killeen and have them at our events,” Huggins said.

The older queens also helped the Copperas Cove Boys & Girls Club exceed its $10,000 goal at Music at the Gap, a multiconcert event at Ogletree Gap Park. The queens handled ticket sales, collected money, adhered wrist bands on guests, and handed out raffle tickets and attendance prizes.

Event Chairman Azeita Taylor said having the older queens assist with the concert added another community element.

“Having the Rabbit Fest queens working at the event was not only extremely helpful but showed both organizations’ dedication to community involvement and homogeneity. Something all civic groups should be striving for is the unified motto that together, we make a difference,” Taylor said.

The queens enjoyed meeting concert headliner “The Voice” finalist, Holly Tucker, and comparing her experience of dealing with the judges on the popular television show to their own experience with judges at the pageant.

Last week, our kings and queens once again stepped up to support soldiers at the U.S. Paralympic Games held at Fort Hood. They served as “buddies” and helped with pingpong, rock climbing, basketball and other activities. They added some sparkle to the ribbon cutting at the new Goodwill store and lent a hand to the chamber the following day at the Summer Fun Run 5k.

The kings and queens spent Saturday representing the festival and the city at the Holland Corn Festival in Holland and ended the weekend by helping at a fundraiser for a Kempner woman afflicted with cancer.

Collectively, the kings and queens have contributed more than 100 hours of community service to the area since being crowned a month ago.

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