Rosa Young

Williams/Ledger Elementary School teacher Rosa Young’s classroom is filled with joy, enthusiasm and engaged learners. She has a positive rapport with each and every student. Young takes ordinary objects, even discarded resources, and creates innovative and effective learning opportunities for her students.

Young was named Williams/Ledger Elementary’s Teacher of the Year. Principal Marla Sullian said Young uses high-yield instructional strategies and pushes her students to excel.

“Rosa builds in brain/body breaks to ensure her learners’ are functioning at their highest levels. Rosa’s plans are both creative and thorough, developed with each of her student’s needs in mind,” Sullivan said. “She is positive and affirming, and her students are thriving.”

Sullivan said Young’s expertise is evidenced by the holistic teaching in her classroom.

“Whether she’s engaged in small group instruction, whole group instruction or a read-aloud, Mrs. Young integrates cross-curricular content, high-level questioning and maximizes educational opportunities with her students,” Sullivan said. “In Mrs. Young’s classroom, students are able to make connections between the content they are learning and real-world experiences and engage at the highest levels.”

Young has been teaching at the Copperas Cove ISD since 2008. She has taught both kindergarten and second grade and has served as team leader in both grade levels.

“She is positive and patient with her students and has fostered a sense of family and a nurturing culture in her classroom,” Sullivan said. “She explicitly teaches grit, growth mindset and empathy to her students so that they are better prepared to meet the challenges they will face in life.”

Young not only serves as a mentor to new teachers, but also as a mentor to some of the upper elementary students who need another positive role model in their lives. She is active in the PTO, co-sponsors the school garden club, and started kindergarten tutorials when she identified the need.

Instructional Coach Brittany Thomas said despite the challenges presented by a room full of children with divergent needs and abilities, Young is able to make each child feel loved and supported. “Ms. Young is truly passionate about providing every student with the best possible learning environment and tools for learning.”


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