At this time of year, Christmas songs are playing on the radio and everywhere you go.

S.C. Lee Junior High School band students know that what really makes the Christmas songs so catchy is the music behind the words.

At their annual Christmas show, S.C. Lee band students brought the Christmas carols we’ve been hearing to life by engaging and involving the audience in their concert.

The S.C. Lee Junior High Beginning Band presented the first performance of the night, playing classic carols when the audience began to sing along.

Band member Analysa Rodriguez said the engaged audience made them feel accomplished and honored.

“I was feeling nervous ... and I was worried that we wouldn’t sound good or be good,” Rodriguez said. “But the concert went by fast and sounded good. It made me feel good and proud that I’m at S.C. Lee.”

Laughter filled the auditorium when the second performance got underway.

Just after students put on their elf hats and started to play, Santa came in to remind them he was watching and shared in the classic Christmas carol, “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.”

Band member Bethany Hamilton said the Christmas concert brought the band together as a family.

“I felt really appreciated with my solo. I felt like I was more a part of the team,” Hamilton said. “Honestly, I’m really thankful for everyone in the band.”

Bells, whistles, crashes and bangs dominated the room as the symphonic band performed its songs and kept the audience at the edge of their seats through the twists and turns of instrument solos and sounds.

Band member Taylor O’Brien thought their instrument solos made the songs fun, and students were happy to show off what they had learned.

“I was nervous because the French horn section had a solo, but I was excited to show my parents how far I have come since the fall concert,” O’Brien said.

The last performance of the evening was presented by the S.C. Lee Wind Ensemble, which combined old Christmas carols into one song and ended the concert by escorting the audience around the world in their piece “Takin’ a Trip with Old St. Nick.”

Band Director Paul Fellows said he was happy to see how much the students had improved since the beginning of the year.

“It was one of our best Christmas concerts,” Fellows said. “I was extremely pleased to see the progress the students are making.”

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