Student Spotlight: Lane Robison

Lane Robison, a S.C. Lee Junior High wrestler, holds his Novice state championship trophy and hoodie.

Lane Robison knows that mindset is important when preparing for a wrestling match.

“You have to know you’re the biggest, baddest boy on the mat,” said the 14-year-old S.C. Lee Junior High student, who won the novice state championship in Austin last month. “It takes a lot of determination.”

Lane won 6-0 to take the championship.

S.C. Lee’s wrestling club only started two years ago, which is as long as Lane has been involved in the sport. The team practices with the help of the Copperas Cove High School team and coaches.

Lane will compete for the state title this weekend.

“I think I have a good chance of taking open,” he said, referring to the division in which wrestlers with three or more years of experience compete.

Lane’s determination to improve in the sport is one of the defining features of the wrestling club.

“Kids want to show up to practice, be attentive, and get better,” said Scott Robison, Lane’s father and a coach in the program. “When you have somebody that wants to do it, versus somebody who gets told to do it, it’s a lot easier.”

Lane and his father agree that the one-on-one aspect of wrestling is what makes it different from other sports.

“You don’t have to depend on everybody else,” Lane said. “You put in the work, and as much as you put in, you get that output back, or more.”

When he enters high school next year, Lane said he intends to continue wrestling, even considering the possibility of using it to attend college at either Oklahoma State University or the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

“I do plan on joining the Army and try for (Special Forces), like my dad, after four years of college,” he said.

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