Beautiful skies, a great temperature and the smell of German sausage was in the air coming from the Civic Center, and it could mean only one thing.

The annual Trinity Lutheran Church German Sausage Fest, which is held the first Saturday in November every year, started back in 1972. Each year, it has grown more popular. So popular, the event had to be moved from the church several years ago to a bigger venue to accommodate people and parking.

More than 800 people bought a plate for $10 and either took it to go or stayed at the center and enjoyed it while making new friends.

The tradition of the German Sausage Fest goes back to when Alfred Mickan started the event.

He was also one of the founding members of the church, and the Mickan family has deep roots in the church. Mickan also helped build the church.

Bill Sager is the pastor of the Trinity Lutheran Church in Copperas Cove.

“It is with this community to have such a rich heritage and history,” Sager said. “We have German heritage and past in our community, and we love celebrating past and culture.”

Sager retired from the military a year ago where he served as a chaplain.

Heather Lowman came to the fest with her two children Lydia and Lukas.

“It is my first time at this event, and I look forward to the eating the food, and seeing old friends, and making new ones. I am friends with Pastor Bill Sager, and he invited us,” Lowman said.

Annie McGuire has been attending the event for almost as long as it has been in existence.

“I love coming out every year and seeing friends,” McGuire said. “And the food is always good.”

Dot Seagraves goes to Trinity Lutheran Church.

“It is a great event, and a very good fellowship,” Seagraves said. “It is a hard day, but lots of fun.”

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