Small businesses look for boost from Saturday shoppers

Elaine Hayes places an order for The Daisy Shop in her 1952 Chevy panel wagon on Tuesday in Copperas Cove.

Customers who walk into The Daisy at 1028 Hawk Trail are instantly whisked away to another time.

The scent of flowers fills the air and antiques and conversation pieces draw the eye. An antique organ that came through Copperas Cove in a covered wagon is on display. It is the only remaining possession of the Teinert family, one of the original Cove families.

“The family would stop the wagon along the way and the mom would play and the children would dance,” said Becky Stirnkorb, adding that her mother purchased the organ and it took more than a year to refurbish.

Stirnkorb knows the history of all of the pieces including the 1952 Chevy panel wagon the flower shop uses to make special deliveries.

The Daisy is one of many small businesses participating in Small Business Saturday sponsored by the Copperas Cove Chamber of Commerce and American Express. The store will offer a 20 percent discount on most products Saturday.

Small Business Saturday follows Black Friday each year.

“Its an opportunity to explore some of the hidden treasures in our community,” Chamber President Betty Price said. “There’s no need to go outside of Copperas Cove to do your holiday shopping. What you would find in Salado, we have here at a fraction of the cost.

Stirnkorb said the real difference is Cove small businesses provide a personal touch and knowledge to best suit the recipient’s needs based on the occasion. “We’ve grown with the city and have a close relationship with our customers,” she said. “We know their kids and grandkids. We are one big, happy family.”

Tasha Roberts, who owns Babies and Things, agrees that customer service is key to staying in business, as well as offering quality products at great prices. “Even though we are small and locally owned, we buy in bulk just like the big department stores,” Roberts said. “What is $36 in the department store you will find here for $4.99. Although we are a consignment shop, we do offer many baby items and toys still brand new in the box.”

Babies and Things, at 111 E Avenue E, will have a reception with food all day Saturday along with balloons for the kids and sale prices storewide.

Several small businesses throughout Cove will participate in Small Business Saturday.

“Many stores will be quite a surprise for customers when they walk in the door,” Price said. “They have no idea what they’ve been missing.”

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